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“Future can be read and changed with intuition. Intuition is nothing but the foresight of the brain going through future unconsciously. Like a butterfly in the chaos theory changes the timeline ultimately changing the worldline through infinite wormholes in the space. The human brain is capable of changing the course of time by creating the customize wormhole using and regulating the potential difference inside neurons”

Hey! I am Chinuon aka Chaitanya.

I solve daily problems using abstraction and decomposition. I am a Game / Level Designer, an Unreal Engine developer, crypto trader and a vedic astrologer.

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Chinuon Studio

The organization was founded in 2019 October. Eariler games that I made under Chinuon Studio was using Godot like “Brave Knight” and “Obesity”. Later I shifted to Unreal engine 4 and developed a game called as Mystic 4. Check out youtube for more. Currently developing some other interesting games.


😞 LOL COIN or (LOL) is a crypto token created on 13th July 2021 by Chinuon. It has 10Billion total supply. Construction of Chinuon token are also underway and these tokens are a part of Chinuon crypto program. LOl Coin is currently available for exchange on pancakeSwap ( Use this contract address to search if unable to find using the name - 0xc9ff4bac0af1b1eb963befa9157828685cc9f029). You can also find Lol coin listing on poocoin . It would be going to be available on more exchange platforms in future. You can add LoL to your wallet using the contract address. For more news, follow our twitter handle LolCoin or join the community on telegram 😞

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Need help or want to hire me ? Let’s talk about it ! You can call me on my number +91 85728 96685 or can mail me as well.

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