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About me

“The Hyaku-nigiri, the owner of the conqueror palm musukake, the ENFJ + ENFP + ENTJ, the 1 and 9, believe…I am CHINUON version 17."

I’m Kumar Chaitanya also known as Chinuon. I would be explaining the quote later in this section but first, let’s start with me as an ENFP. As an ENFP / Campaigner or a Champion, I have traits like Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospect. I tend to embrace big ideas and actions that reflect their sense of hope and goodwill toward others. I am a dreamer with a vibrant energy that flows in many directions. I am a self-confident, ambitious and audacious person. While my core is an ENFP, my personality is ENFJ. I took the test recently and I found out that I am the protagonist, I am Chinuon.

You guys must be thinking about how I came up with the name Chinuon. I was playing an MMORPG called Guild Wars 2 in 2018. I was looking for a name that I can use as Kirito uses in SAO while playing VRMMORPG. I had a pet named “Chinu” so I just switched on it. So It became Chinu + on or simply Chinuon. Although I like Augmented reality and ARMMORPG more. I look up to memories of Alhambra for inspiration which is a Korean drama. I also put the tune in one of my Level design projects that I made using CryEngine. I like Sword art online especially the sound effects as I always use similar sounds in my game Mystic4. Sci-fi with Swords and older weapons are the things which I enjoy while playing games and that is why I like games like the Crysis series and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I also like Dragon Ball Z when it comes to anime as Chinuon represents my super Saiyan form PS Check my golden hair, but the anime that I love a lot is One Piece as the main character Luffy is an ENFP. Although Goku is also an ENFP but I have many similarities with Luffy like he is also a hyaku-nigiri although I do have a different IQ than Luffy and that is 150.

I have been using this “hyaku-nigiri” term quite a lot to represent myself. A person born with masukake sen is called a hyaku – nigiri百握り. Masukake sen is a Japanese word of the Simian line and those who own it are called hyaku - nigiri which loosely translates to someone with a ‘hundredfold grip’. The simian line is a single crease running on your palm. We usually have heart and headline but in some 1% of people it fuses to form one and that’s what Simian lines are. the simian line is an auspicious sign of things to come for a person born with it. The person is individualistic, eccentric, charming, and a risk-taker. I also believe in one of the quotes said by Luffy.

“If you don’t take the risk then you can not create a future."

Hyaku - nigiri possesses exceptional talent and the ability to attract good fortune. Simian lines are related to Down syndrome or 21-trisomy. Nearly Every Down syndrome patient has this line(Dominated by heart) and they are reatarded but some survive this tragedy and are born with the line and are highly intelligent. This also explains why I have such an IQ.

With a Simian line, the energy of the head and heart lines are fused. This makes the bearer intense, driven and focused. If they want something, they will work twice as hard to get it as someone else. Whatever a Simian person does, they want to be the best at it. In whatever field they are in, there are no half-measures. They are restless, detached, focused, and relentless. As they are governed by the head, they think and plan obsessively, calculating everything down to the smallest detail. While doing all this, they are incredibly controlled, focused, and reserved emotionally. No one else would know how much thought, planning, and intensity a Simian will put into anything. Because of the lack of an expressive heart line, wherever they are and whatever they do is controlled. Their demeanour is measured and focused. But of course, inside there is a burning drive, all the energy of the heart and head are directed at whatever they are thinking about. With their unstoppable determination and willpower, they are able to reach heights that others cannot.

I make things happen. I don’t like to lose. I always have a way with difficulties. I sometimes enjoy them and I am quite creative with them. I solve them using abstraction and decomposition principles that are prevalent in software engineering. I always have a simple solution to difficult problems PS although implementation might not be that easy. My dream is to conquer everything.

I did not get satisfied easily. I realized this fact when I was very young. I was 9 back then. I still remember the time when I was pondering about the things that I should approach to be satisfied, with my ultimate dream and I chose everything.

I love games. I play games every second of my life. For me, life is a game and I am always completing the quest. I also follow an exp system by gaining it I can increase my levels or version. I am currently at the level of version 10. The transition from one version to another seems to me like I am doing metamorphosis so I called myself a butterfly PS a dragon tail butterfly. I also gained new skills during the transition and added them to my personal skill tree. Also, don’t get surprised to find out that my animal spirit is also a butterfly and I also feel mesmerized with the butterfly effect. There is also a second animal spirit for me and that is a dragon.

I love to find out about new things and one of the most interesting things for me is space. I have a thesis in which we have plates and I called them time plates that actually run over the universe and align in parallel fashion like we have pages of a book. Just imagine that those pages are separated by dx distance. What back holes do is that it limits dx -> 0 hence joining or creating a path to travel to a different time plate sometimes changes the universe. Although crossing the event horizon is a different struggle I feel like we can do this. We can actually create massive black and warm holes anywhere although small warm holes are present nearly everywhere which allows time to flow. We will do this by regulating our MF(magnetic field) which is related to a CF. We can change the MF of our body very easily by regulating the flow of ions in our body which is actually regulated by sodium-potassium pump and neurons which we can use to change the electric field and MF and ultimately CF. I have been developing a special kind of way for it. I was also doing research on zooplankton and the diapause that they do that let them survive in winter.

I even use concepts of MF and CF to prove how astrology is real. It’s the scientific explanation that I created and that’s how planets or any celestial body influence our behaviour and universe to some extent. My Sun, Moon, and Rising signs are Scorpio, Libra, and Leo respectively. I always attract attention as I have a Leo as my rising sign while my ENFP personality can be linked to me being a Sagittarius(Zodiac sign as my birthday is on 28nov). Me being a leo ascendant could be link to me being hyaku-nigiri and ENFJ as well. Being Leo ascendant is half part of my personality. My Lagna lord is the sun which also contains Rahu(the north node of the moon). Rahu and Sun(Leo) which are the 2 strongest planets explains my Hyaku-nigiri behaviour. I have the perfect combination of Yin and Yang energy which also explains my infinite desire to conquer everything as Rahu a shadow planet intensify the house and the house lord power in which it sits. I truly love each and every part of my personality and all the planets. My moon nakshatra is Swati(pada-3) meanwhile my rising and Rahu nakshatra is Purva Phalguni(pada 4 & 3 respectively). My Sun was in Anuradha nakshatra(pada -3) when I was born. My Atmakarka planet is Venus while my Amatyakarka is Jupiter. Rahu in Leo makes me an excellent leader. The following article explains things of how it is like when Rahu is in Leo . It is very fascinating to see how each and everything is connected with each other like a nexus.

I believe in magic. I can do anything. If you want to get help from me and If you want to see the magic then you have to believe in me from heart mind and soul.

I may sound like an ENTJ sometimes as this was my earlier MBTI but I am an ENFP. I like to be free. I like to explore things and travel to new places. I can make your boring adventure lively. I am quite imaginative as my inner child is alive and always blooming.

I am Chinuon.

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